Genesis 6 Series

CES 2004
CES 2005

Launched at CES 2003 as the first new product of Genesis Advanced Technologies, the 6-series remains close to our hearts. However, it was time to update the series at the beginning of 2009. The line is discontinued and awaits the launch of the second generation.

The G6.1 was the first Genesis product that was purpose designed for home theater applications in complement to its audiophile sensitivities. It introduced the LFE Blend™ technology which allows each loudspeaker not only to deliver full-range music, but also at the same time function as a Low Frequency Effects subwoofer.

The G6.1 was also designed to be beautiful and elegant. Subtle angles, curves, and contrasting colors create an optical illusion to make the speaker appear smaller than it actually is. As a result, non-audiophile Architectural Digest magazine chose the G6.1 as one of the four best designs at CES2004, calling it "a bold design statement".

Genesis 6 Series
SGTHT March 2004

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