G7convertible Loudspeaker


When Genesis makes an affordable loudspeaker, you can still rest assured that it will be the best we can do at that price point and adhere to our principles of absolute fidelity®. To achieve the delicacy, speed, transparency, and bass response of the larger Genesis 3-way systems with a separate midrange and woofer in a 2-way system, we developed the world’s first solid-titanium cone mid-woofer.

This made the Genesis 7c possible – a medium monitor-sized loudspeaker that will fit into a tight environment with the big voice that is the Genesis trademark. The G7c has been designed as a “convertible” loudspeaker – our nomenclature for an L/C/R: a loudspeaker that can be used as a stereo pair or on its side as a center channel in a multi-channel system.

Used as a stereo pair on an appropriate loudspeaker stand, the monitor-sized G7c has spectacular imaging and soundstage. As a center-channel, it has the clarity to banish the “Huh? What did he say?” from your home theater system. The dispersion pattern is optimized to fire inside of the tweeters when standing on end as a stereo pair, or above the tweeter when it is laid on its side as a center channel.

Instead of using a reflex port to tune the bass to achieve a lower frequency response, we do it electrically in the crossover, and it is switchable. The G7c uses an LR-tuning network to optimize bass response down to below 50Hz from a small cabinet. This allows the G7c to deliver better bass when driven by more capable amplifiers. With entry-level amplifiers, the bass contour could be turned off so as not to over-stress the electronics.

Nevertheless, a speaker level throughput allows convenient connection to any Genesis ServoSub™ for full frequency response when that is desired, or as a later upgrade when budget and room size permits.

Despite being the entry-level series of the Genesis family, the Genesis 7c is a true high-end loudspeaker with no excuses necessary.


Andre Marc reviews the G7.2c in Audio Video Review.com and calls the sound "remarkable." According to him, none of the monitors he has heard thus far have "offered this much resolution, immaculate imaging, and precision as the G7c."
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John Potis of 6moons.com calls the G7.1c "big, open, airy and very transparent". "Bass is smooth with a surprising sense of power. Microdynamics are really good. I think the G7.1c SE will impress a lot of horn and Lowther users."
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In the Ultimate AV Magazine website, Steven Stone reviewed the G7.1c in the context of a home theater system and recommends it for "exemplary speed, transparency, upper frequency purity, driver integration, and harmonic neutrality."
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