G7.2f - Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Genesis G7.2f high-end stereo loudspeaker images

The Genesis™ 7.2f floorstanding loudspeaker is the new affordable reference for bringing true to life music into your home. The G7f is svelte and elegant, yet it performs like a much beefier loudspeaker, delivering bass down to 22Hz, with a huge and enveloping soundstage, creating an immersive sound experience.

A Legacy of Excellence

Technologies used in the G7f have their roots in the development of the flagship Genesis 1 loudspeaker system. With a legacy hearkening back to the 1960's with the invention of the servo-controlled woofer, Class D amplification, and ribbon tweeter, tried and proven technology has been updated and modernized for this latest model in the Genesis product line. New discovery and innovative thinking makes the G7f the smallest possible loudspeaker to achieve absolute fidelity™ in musical reproduction.

The Genesis 7.1-series launched in 2005 was considered by customers, dealers and reviewers as giant killers with big sound from little speakers. The G7.2-series was first shown during CES2011 featuring a new tweeter and a new mid-woofer for greater clarity and better dynamics.

World's Best Tweeter

The new ring-ribbon tweeter used in the G7f is identical to the one used in the Genesis 1 flagship model. The Genesis ribbon tweeter has been regarded by critics and press as the best tweeter in the world. Now, it has been ever futher improved.

With this tweeter, you get the air in cymbals and triangles, and the sweetness and lack of distortion associated with the finest ribbon tweeters in the world. An adjustable high frequency control allows it to be used in "bright" rooms with lots of hard surfaces and bare walls, and yet also used in rooms that have lots of carpeting and wall hangings that would otherwise sound dull.

Servo-Controlled Bass

The bass generated by this speaker is astonishing at first encounter. It seems to go deeper than is physically possible in such a small cabinet. Unlike other small, sealed loudspeakers that try to go down low, extended note decay, micro-dynamics and timbre of bass are fully preserved.

There is no sloppy overhang and boominess in the bass either as it is not ported. Just clean, distortion-free bass down to 22Hz with the built-in 8-inch solid-aluminum cone side-firing subwoofer. This is made possible by improvements to the Genesis servo-bass system which overcomes the inertia and momentum of the woofer, making the woofer seem effectively massless.

An adjustable bass gain control allows the speaker to be used in different rooms without the fear that bass from the loudspeaker will over-power and sound boomy in small rooms, or sound thin and appear weak in larger rooms.

Clarity and Dynamic through the Midrange

The G7.2f has a warmth to its sound that is not created by an excess of energy in the lower midrange, but by distortion-free mids and highs because of a solid titanium-cone mid/woofer and a brand new crossover topology.

The solid metal mid/woofer delivers warm and rich sounds without any distortion. While it is true that some metal drivers sound "metallic", that is due to the oil-can resonance of the cone. However, since metal drivers only have the one huge distortion frequency, there is almost zero distortion outside that one resonant frequency. It sounds beautifully clean if that frequency is never excited. In the G7f, that resonance frequency is far outside the operating range used.

The new crossover imbues the G7f with effortless dynamics and intense foot-tapping musicality by perfectly blending the supremely fast ribbon tweeter with the solid titanium mid-woofer. The result is a clarity and transparency that needs to be experienced to be believed. Emotions and tonal colors are transparently conveyed, as is the musical intention of the performers.

Foot-tapping pace, rhythm and timing allow the G7f to play all genre of music, from rock to rhumba to classical. A deep and expansive soundstage with solid, pinpoint images complete the sonic picture, transporting the listener to the live musical event.

Family and Home Friendly

This is more than a loudspeaker for a hobbyist, it is a loudspeaker for the whole family. It features a large enough sweetspot to accommodate a loveseat for two because we believe that music must be enjoyed with family and friends.

The G7f boasts extreme flexibility. With adjustable high-frequency and low-frequency control, the G7f adapts to rooms of different sizes and décor. The included Acoustic Suspension allows it to be placed on "any" surface - be it thickly carpeted floorboards, highly-polished granite, or anything in between. The exquisite high gloss finish completes the package - making the G7f at home in any décor and style.

Awards and Reviews

Genesis 7.2f loudspeaker receives Audio Product of the Year 2012 from Positive Feedback Online. Reviewer, Professor of American Literature and jazz and blues recording and mastering engineer Jim Merod calls the G7.2f speakers, "musically truthful, sonically accurate and extraordinarily beguiling" and says that they are essentially perfect mastering speakers and are in a class by themselves.
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Genesis 7.f loudspeaker named Best Product 2011. Marek Dyba of HighFidelity.pl of Poland found it hard to tear himself away from the G7f. "Regardless of whether I listened to acoustic recordings, or electronica, or vocals, or instrumental spectaculars, jazz or classical, blues, rock or film music,"he said, "I sat on the couch as if bewitched." He also said "...while listening to familiar records, the Genesis Series 7 showed everything in a new light... The sound is neutral, but not cold, very detailed but not over analytical."
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Genesis 7.1f loudspeaker named as CES Best of Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Award Honoree. Products entered in this prestigious program are judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the media to honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products across 36 product categories. The judges also awarded the G7.1f it one of the highest scores in its product category, hence, honoring the G7.1f as Best of Innovations in its category.
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Jeff Fritz of UltraAudio.com has this to say of the G7f, "The G7.1f was a very honest sounding speaker, seeming to reproduce what I fed it while adding little editorializing of its own. The word neutrality kept showing up in my listening notes, whether I was listening to jazz, pop, folk, or classical. I found myself admiring the G7.1f for its ability to draw out details previously hidden in my music. I could listen to it for long periods without fatigue."
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Frederic Beudot of SixMoons.com spends time with the G7f and tells us "The Genesis 7.1f is that very rare animal with five transducers per side which sounds absolutely homogeneous. It has one voice from top to bottom without any discontinuity I could detect (and I did try)."
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