G7petite Monitor Loudspeaker


When Genesis makes a petite loudspeaker for small rooms, you can rest assured that it will still produce nothing less than absolute fidelity®. While it is the “baby” of the family, the Genesis 7p (or the petite) is built using the same components and to the same exacting quality as the larger Genesis speakers.

This made possible a little loudspeaker with a big voice. Despite its svelte proportions, the G7p displays much of the familial sound of its larger bethren – great bass, effortless midrange, scintillating highs, effortlessly dynamic, all with intense foot-tapping musicality.

In order to be a member of the Genesis loudspeaker family, the G7p had to be able to produce prodigious bass from a small cabinet. However, we did not want to resort to an active woofer, which would have driven the price up significantly, or ports which we did not like.

A unique feature of the G7p is a passive bass contour control that allows it to deliver more bass when driven by more capable amplifiers. With entry-level amplifiers, the bass contour could be turned down so as not to over-stress the electronics. When partnered with better amplification, the G7p is able to scale the sonic heights like its more expensive brethren. In a small room, or in even in a medium-sized hard-walled room, the G7p delivers more than enough bass for most listeners.

Nevertheless, a speaker level throughput allows convenient connection to any Genesis ServoSub™ for full frequency response when that is desired, or as a later upgrade when budget and room size permits.

Despite being the smallest in the line of Genesis loudspeakers, the G7p is not a compromised product. In a too-small room, it is arguably a better loudspeaker than one of the larger models. Where a large loudspeaker would overload the airspace resulting in boomy bass and confused imaging, the G7p is capable of making the walls melt away to bring the musical event to life. With room gain, the G7p sounds larger and goes much lower than its specifications would imply.


Marc Phillip, editor of Magazine-Audio gave the G7.2ps an Editor's Choice award, saying "They are Beautiful. They are Musical. They are Addictive - speakers that give meaning to the phrase 'listening pleasure'. At $3500 for the pair, they remain excellent value, and unmatched in today's market where you would have to spend not less than double or even triple to begin to see a serious rival.".
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John Potis, on 6moons.com, reviewed the G7.1p's calling them "a lot of -- good looking -- speaker for the money." He said that the midrange was "as communicative as most I've heard at multiples of its price, rendering voices cleanly and naturally."
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The G7.1p was reviewed by Jack Roberts in dagogo.com's "Flight of the Mini-monitors" and acquits itself against tough competition at nearly 3 times the price. The reviewer was "very surprised at the degree of refined detail you can hear from a speaker at this price point," calling it "a rare bargain in the high-end world."
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