Genesis 7 Series

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Genesis G7.2f high-end stereo loudspeakers image

Petite, elegant and yet commanding attention absolute fidelity® sound, the Genesis 7-series high-end loudspeakers are the “affordable reference” for making music in the home. Comprising 3 models, the floor-standing G7f, the convertible G7c, and the petite G7p stand-mounted monitor, the G7-series stands proudly in the Genesis family of high-end stereo loudspeakers. With the G7c doing converting between center-channel duties, and as a larger stand-mounted monitor, the G7-series family does movies as well.

Despite being diminutive in size, all members of the G7-series displays spectacular imaging, casts a huge soundstage, and sound very much larger than they look. Using innovative technology, all members of the series deliver full, tight, accurate and tuneful bass from a small loudspeaker.

World's Best Tweeter

The Genesis ring-ribbon tweeter used in the G7-series is identical to the one used in the Genesis 1 flagship model. It has been regarded by critics and press as the best tweeter in the world and has been steadily improved since it was developed in 1992. The latest generation of this Genesis tweeter brings an extended frequency range, as well as a more linear response in the lower frequencies.

With this tweeter, you get the air in cymbals and triangles, and the sweetness and lack of distortion associated with the finest ribbon tweeter in the world. An adjustable high frequency control allows it to be attenuated when used in “bright” rooms with lots of hard surfaces and bare walls, and yet also boosted when used in rooms that have lots of carpeting and wall hangings that would otherwise make music sound dull.

Clarity and Dynamics Through the Midrange

The G7 series has a warmth to its sound that is not created by an excess of energy in the lower midrange, but by distortion-free mids and highs because of the Genesis solid titanium-cone mid-woofer.

To achieve the delicacy, speed, transparency, and dynamic bass response of the larger Genesis 3-way systems in a little 2-way loudspeaker, we needed a mid-woofer that had low mass and high stiffness. Titanium represented the material with the best mix of these properties in this particular application. Being much stronger and stiffer than aluminum, the cone could be made thinner so that it was much lighter than an equivalent aluminum cone, and without the cost and brittleness of magnesium.

However, titanium had not previously been used because of the difficulty of making the cone large enough to handle bass frequencies. With advancing technology, the world's first 5.5-inch solid titanium cone mid-woofer was produced exclusively for the first Genesis 7-series loudspeakers.

The resulting driver was fast enough to mate with the Genesis ribbon tweeter, resulting in seamless integration between the mid and the highs, and sounding like it was cut from the same sonic cloth. It was also large enough and had sufficient excursion to give the G7p and G7c surprising bass for the footprint without a woofer.

The proprietary mid-woofer delivers a warm and rich sound without any distortion. While it is true that some metal drivers can sound “metallic”, that is due to the oil-can resonance of the cone. However, since metal drivers only have the one large distortion frequency, there is almost zero distortion outside of that one band. It sounds beautifully clean if that frequency is never excited. In the G7-series, that resonant frequency is far outside the operating range used for the mid-woofer.

The Dipole Advantage

With a rear tweeter driven out of phase from the front tweeter, the G7's are dipoles in the high frequencies, enhancing "air" , soundstage and imaging when the speakers are positioned away from the wall behind them. When used closer to the walls when space is at a premium, the rear tweeter can be switched off.

Innovative Crossover Topology

The Genesis crossover topology imbues the G7-series with effortless dynamics and intense foot-tapping musicality by perfectly blending the supremely fast ribbon tweeter with the solid titanium mid-woofer. The result is a clarity and transparency that needs to be experienced to be believed. Emotions and tonal colors are transparently conveyed, as is the musical intention of the performers.

This allows any speaker in the G7-series to play all genre of music, from rock to rhumba to renaissance. An innovative passive bass contour control (or servo-controlled active bass in the G7f) allows adjustment of the bass when near-wall positionining is desired, and delivers astonishing bass out of very small cabinets. A deep and expansive soundstage with solid, pinpoint images complete the sonic picture, transporting the listener to the live musical event.