Genesis Accessories

Our upgrades and accessories enhance the enjoyment of older models of Genesis loudspeakers and upgrade all high-end stereo systems.

For older Genesis loudspeakers with an external servo-controlled bass amplifiers, the Servo-Bass Cables and Servo-Bass Interconnect system represents a significant upgrade over the old cables.

When attempting to add one or two subwoofers to a pair of monitor loudspeakers, integration and sonic coherence are critical. One area that was addressed by Genesis was - what "jumper" cable to use? The ideal integration is addressed with the ServoSub Interface Cables - which can be used for all powered subwoofers, and not just Genesis Servo-Subwoofers.

When Genesis CEO Gary Koh couldn't find a speaker cable he liked enough to demo with, he designed his own. The result is the Genesis Loudspeaker Interface Cable. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this speaker cable got so popular that it took a life of its own. Please go to for more information on the line of cables Gary designed.