Genesis Reference Center

Genesis Reference Center

With the availability of excellent, high resolution, multi-channel movies and music on BluRay, it was time that a center speaker that is capable of delivering audiophile levels of resolution be made available. With movies, the dialog channel is responsible for 80% of the energy, and the clarity and emotional delivery of dialog is critically important to the enjoyment of the movie.

The Genesis Reference Center (designated RC1) was developed to be the perfect complement to any of the Genesis high-end loudspeaker systems as a center channel. It is worthy of combining with our flagship Genesis 1 to create the ultimate, absolute fidelity, multi-channel system.

The GRC is available in high gloss black, titanium and arctic silver to match the current Genesis 5.3 and Genesis 2.2 loudspeaker system. Rare and beautiful rosewood veneers match the GRC to the legacy Genesis 1.1, 201 and 501 systems.

The Genesis RC1 is a large, heavy center channel loudspeaker intended to be a standalone option to deliver with absolute fidelity the critically important voice/dialogue channel. It is tuned to have optimal bass response down to 46Hz. Nevertheless, speaker level thru-put allows convenient connection to the Genesis ServoSub™ 4/8 for full frequency response. The RC1 when partnered with the S4/8 is a center channel system that delivers a full seamless frequency response from 18Hz to 36kHz.

For customers on a budget, the Genesis Standard Center (designated as SC1) is available at a slight performance penalty.