Absolute Fidelity High Performace Loudspeaker Cables

When he couldn't find a speaker cable he liked enough, Gary decided to design his own. Since then, they have been hailed by customers and reviewers as "ultimate performance at an affordable price". Now, Gary has a full range of superlative speaker cables, interconnects and power cords available on his underground website at www.absolutefidelity.com.

  • The Dialectical Audiophile with CEO Gary L Koh
  • A dialectic is a dialogue between two parties (who may have conflicting viewpoints) and yet wish to seek the truth of the matter through discussion and refinement of those ideas and view points. Join CEO Gary L Koh as he discusses various audio viewpoints, or listening points as the case may be.

Genesis Advanced Technologies, Absolute Fidelity, High End Performance Stereo Loudspeakers and Cables

Genesis Advanced Technologies is a leading developer of high-end hi-fi stereo systems. From cost-no-object high-end loudspeakers to high performance, high efficiency power amplifiers to Absolute Fidelity® component, loudspeaker, and power interface cables, Genesis shows its commitment to the absolute best. Genesis products show uncompromising quality throughout the range utilizing the same driver and crossover components in every product from the exclusive, custom flagship loudspeaker system down to the affordable, petite stand-mounted loudspeaker.

Genesis 7c reviewed by Andre Marc at Audio Video Revolution

Mr. Marc has this to say of the speakers:

"I have had dozens of stand-mounted monitors come through my listening systems, but none have offered this much resolution, immaculate imaging, and precision as the G7c. Other speakers have been more forgiving, and matched the G7c for coherence, but none have allowed me to peer into to a recording as deeply."

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Absolute Fidelity Power Interfaces reviewed at Hi-Fi Zine.

Reviewer Patrick Dillon was so impressed with the Absolute Fidelity power interfaces, he had this to say, "The Absolute Fidelity power interface made such an instant impact on the sound that I almost doubted what I was hearing… I find myself thinking my next upgrades have to be Absolute Fidelity cords"