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Genesis Dynamic Power Delivery System


In 2007, Genesis® introduced a revolutionary new power supply that  is designed to deliver current into a non-linear, dynamic musical load, leading to a sense of power with finesse. We call this technology the Dynamic Power Delivery System (DPDS).

Traditional DC power supplies developed with established design principles are specified into a constant current draw with a resistive load. The load is not linear (except for Class A amplifiers and Class AB at low power) and hence the power supply is specified for the maximum current drawn, however such a huge power supply is often slow.

The origins of the Genesis® DPDS came from a study into the principles of tube amplifier design – some of the qualities of tube amplifiers were as much to do with power supply design as the choice of tubes over transistors. Because of the high voltages involved, tube amplifiers use relatively small capacitors and chokes to produce smooth DC power.

Transistor amps use cheaper and larger electrolytic capacitors to do much the same job. From this we discover a very simple fact, smaller capacitors usually sound better. This is not only speculation; there is good science to predict that the high frequency performance of large capacitors to be poor.


There are a number of low-powered solid-state amplifiers that have excellent sound. They all had tiny power supplies, and the smaller the power supply, the “faster” they sounded. On the other hand, very large power amplifiers with huge banks of capacitors in their power supplies tended to sound slow and “muscle bound.”


This is the issue of speed vs. power. The sprinter is not able to sustain the delivery of power for very long, but the long distance runner is not able to deliver very quick bursts of speed. Using the Fletcher-Munson curves and frequency distribution of music to predict the required power delivery to play back music, the DPDS is able to deliver high power, as well as very quick bursts of speed. It is like a relay team with sprinters, medium-distance, and long distance runners.

The DPDS used in all the Genesis Amplifiers gives them the dynamics, extension and drive of high-power transistor amplifiers without the muscle-bound sound, and the elegance, emotion and tonal colors of flea-powered tube amplifiers but with control and real bass weight.

When applied to the Servo-Subwoofer Amplifiers, the DPDS delivers greater speed, dynamics, and definition in the bass - resulting in floor-shaking musical bass.
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