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Genesis Maestro


Now in its sixth generation since 1994, our 'Diminutive Giant' is the latest iteration of the revered 5-series high-end loudspeakers.

Starting with the Genesis V in 1994, this loudspeaker system represents the sixth generation of the revered 5-Series high-end loudspeakers. It comes from immaculate pedigree; the second generation G500 was highly recommended by Stereophile, and received numerous accolades from around the world.


The third generation G501 was renowned for setting standards in bass performance and musical coherence and the fourth – G5.2 – was featured on the cover of the February 2006 issue of Stereophile, while the G5.3 garnered “Best of Year” and “Reference Class” awards.

Combining better components with improvements in design, engineering and implementation, the Genesis Maestro integrates more easily in systems with lower-powered amplifiers.


While the Maestro is first and foremost a loudspeaker for music, doing duty as part of a home theater system would not embarrass it. It will play to audacious levels, and bass response is full and extended with the built-in 500W servo-controlled bass amplifier and four 8″ aluminum cone woofers per channel. The servo-bass amplifier allows for both single-ended and balanced inputs and outputs for LFE – because most home theater systems only have single-ended outputs.

The Genesis Maestro delivers profoundly powerful bass and a huge life-like soundstage in a beautiful, graceful, and physically unobtrusive form. It is a loudspeaker for the whole family, featuring a large sweet spot that will accommodate a loveseat for two because we believe that music should be enjoyed with family and friends. It delivers all music, from the simple to the large and complex, as it was intended at the performance. The Genesis Maestro transports the musical performer, be it a soloist or a 100-piece orchestra, into your home for your private enjoyment.


Technical Specifications

Owner’s Manual (PDF 656KB)

Brochure (PDF 453KB)

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"The Genesis 5.3 completely disappears to deliver the message in its entirety with musical realism that I have rarely heard in a listening room."


– Marc Philip, Magazine Audio

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