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Genesis Amplifiers and Phono Pre-Amps


The frequency response and dynamic range of real life is vast - only a system capable of Absolute Fidelity™ can recreate it. 

We are surrounded with sound, from the quietest whisper to the roar of a tornado. We listen to a sidewalk performer in the noisy streets, and massed choirs and a pipe organ in a quiet cathedral. We enjoy the ad-libbing of a trio in a smoky jazz club, and the scale and excitement of rock concerts in a sports arena. 

When recreated, the emotion and soul of the event must be authentically recreated, be it music, or drama in a real or imagined realm. In order to do this, loudspeakers cannot be restricted to 20Hz to 20kHz because reproduction of life is not band-pass limited. Distortion is not acceptable at any level.

Infrasonics below 20Hz are vitally important for conveying the scale and ambience of large venues – be it a cathedral where the Messiah is sung, or the sports arena where a rock concert plays. Ultrasonics above 20kHz convey the clarity of bells and the reverberant tails of cymbals. Without expanding the ability of the system beyond 20-to-20k, we lose a lot of the sounds of being alive.

Genesis Electronics – the Amplifier and the Phono-Pre-Amp – are designed to let this music through without coloration. Designed to complement the ultra-transparent loudspeakers, the objective of their design is to play music with true verve and emotion – not just satisfy some specification.

GRA1440 amp transp.png


The challenge of driving Genesis loudspeakers is that they are such excellent transducers that they expose the flaws, or highlight the quality, of everything up the chain – something that almost every review of Genesis loudspeakers has mentioned. Hence, they demand a very well-designed and well-executed power amplifier.

The design brief was simple, a load invariant, high-current, wide-bandwidth amplifier that would allow the musical performance to come to life. In addition, the new amplifiers had to be capable of driving any model in the Genesis range, from the Genesis 7 petite to the towering flagship – the Genesis 1.

Amp_low_glow 2.png

'It is about letting the natural flow of the music and inner tension pass through as unaffected as possible.'

– Frederic Beudot,

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