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Our Company

Our Company


Genesis Advanced Technologies designs and creates high-end, custom-crafted loudspeakers, electronics and interfaces that reproduce music, voices and sound effects with Absolute Fidelity®, style and elegance.

Nothing beats the experience of a live performance—whether music, theater, or the latest blockbuster movie. What if your sound system could transport the live event right into your room in crisp detail—capturing everything from the emotions of the performers, to the ambiance of the location—rather than merely reproduce the sounds?

Here at Genesis Loudspeakers, we live to do just that. Our audio systems transport you in time and space, with all the excitement and goosebumps of being there, as if it is happening all around you.

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Our Philosophy


How does a sound system reproduce the sense of being live, when real life is not restricted from 20Hz to 20kHz?

Our design philosophy is based on the premise that the perception of live music cannot be measured by instruments alone. Our loudspeakers are finely crafted to faithfully reproduce sounds beyond what we can “hear”, with a larger “sweet spot” than other sound systems.

Since these loudspeakers are typically a part of our living space, we also design them to be both beautiful and elegant.

Every piece is custom-built and individually tested in the USA. Each comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that can be extended to a 5-year transferable warranty that will enhance its value.

Our Philosophy

Our History


The first three decades:

Arnie Nudell and John Ulrich

World renowned for bringing maximum performance, top quality, and beauty into the home of the audio connoisseur, Genesis® traces its roots back to two visionaries: Arnie Nudell and John Ulrick. Back in 1967, they formed Infinity Systems and developed the servo-bass system and the Servo-Statik I.

During the mid 70s, Infinity developed EMIT and EMIM ribbon technology, as well as the Infinity Reference Standard™ (IRS)—the beginning of the true high-end loudspeaker. Many proud owners still use their IRS after more than 40 years!

In 1991, Mr. Nudell founded Genesis Technologies, launching with a new circular ribbon tweeter design that featured a diaphragm 10 times thinner than a single strand of human hair, with moving mass less than the air in front of it.

Two years later, the Genesis One established a new world standard in sonic performance—beyond even the IRS—with a dynamic range so wide, it took listeners’ breath away. Its detail retrieval was so stunning that you could often hear the performers breathing; its three-dimensional imaging was so true that the listener felt virtually amidst the very presence of the musicians.

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Our History
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When Gary took over Genesis in 2002, he continued to uphold the original high sonic performance standards of the original Genesis, while bringing fresh style and elegance to its design.

In 2003, his Genesis 6-series system won the prestigious Design and Engineering Award given by the Consumer Electronics Association, and high praise from Architectural Digest in their article “Fidelity meets Style” – resulting in a stunning visual statement that you no longer needed to hide in the wall. In addition to its design lauds, the Genesis-6 series also garnered effusive praise for its sonic performance in an extensive review in Stereophile Guide to Home Theater.

In 2005, style and beauty took a step forward with the showing of a conceptual prototype that Gary envisioned would take loudspeaker design and style beyond anything ever seen before. It was hailed as “American Sound with Italian Style” by the European Hifi press.

The limited edition Genesis vacuum tube amplifiers launched in 2006 were acclaimed by dealers, customers, and the press as “reference quality” despite the affordable prices. Designed to drive any of the Genesis loudspeaker models, they were coveted by owners of loudspeakers that are reputed to be difficult to drive. They quickly sold out, with many of them taking residence in the middle of high-end systems—displacing larger, more expensive and more powerful amplifiers. Gary recognized this as proof of concept that a reasonably priced, well-engineered, and well-executed amplifier could deliver all the reliability, fidelity, and drive for musical reproduction.

As we move forward, the company continues to innovate in technology as well as design, continues to win awards, and continues to focus on both form and function at the level of luxury goods that you would be proud to own.

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