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Genesis Series 7


Our refreshed, re-designed, innovative 7 series loudspeakers.

The Genesis Series 7 loudspeakers are styled with simple, unfussy lines, and utilize natural materials that convey a sense of warmth. Designed with simple clean lines, yet sophisticated enough to fit in all interior design styles.


They are designed to be enjoyed by the whole family. Hence, they have a huge sweet spot to encompass a family sitting on a sofa, delivering Absolute Fidelity music that everyone enjoys. However, they can perform as "audiophile" speakers by toeing them in to focus on a single seat.

We incorporate trickle-down technologies from the flagship Genesis Prime+ in this entry-level series. The same Genesis Ring-Radiator Ribbon Tweeter and the same cross-over components are used throughout the product line, whilst ultra-light titanium mid-woofers allow it to play with the clarity, detail and resolution that all Genesis loudspeakers are famous for.


Innovative use of bamboo-ply is used in the G7 series cabinet, in much the same way as carbon fiber is used in our line-source models, which results in a low-mass high-Q composite that manages resonance without resorting to massive cabinets and excessive damping which may suck the life out of the music.

A conscious decision to design for quality of bass and not quantity of bass, and the sealed box acoustic suspension results in the deep, tight, tuneful bass that Genesis is renowned for.


 "Before I realized it, more than half an hour had flown by which is extremely unusual for me. I must have been having fun."


– Rick Becker,  Enjoy the

 "The Series 7 is the perfect family speaker. They sounded wonderful anywhere in the room. You still got good channel balance even if you were off to one side."


Anton Wyler, Hifi Chicken

 "While the Primes were certainly magnificent in every conceivable away, it was the Genesis G7 (Minuet) two-ways that I wanted to steal and take home with me."


– Marc Phillips, Part-Time Audiophile

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