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Genesis Cables:
Component & Power Interface Cables

Component Cables 2.png



  • Single Ended: Directional –  Silver WBT NextGen at input & Copper WBT NextGen at output

  • Balanced: Directional – Neutrik XLR connectors – male/female

'The Absolute Fidelity cord took off the edginess without downplaying the detail and dynamics. Soundstage width and depth were excellent. The influence these cords were having on this analog rig was startling. Bravo Absolute Fidelity!y.'

– Dave Thomas, Stereo Times

Power Interface Cables 2.png



Three models are offered depending on the way that power is drawn:

  1. The Turntable Power Interface Cable is designed for components where the major requirement is to drive a motor. It has been optimized for turntables, especially those with regenerative power supplies, but can also be used for reel-to-reel tape decks as well.

  2. For components with a low delta in power draw – such as preamps, DACs, phono-stages, etc. – the ideal is the Component Power Interface.

  3. And lastly, for components where there is a high delta in power draw – such as power amps (not Class A), subwoofers and active-loudspeakers – we offer the Amplifier Power Interface Cable.


NOT UL-Listed


Please be aware that this power cord is not Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed and should not be used directly into a wall outlet. Use it between your turntable and an UL-listed power conditioner that has safety protection. This is important because some insurance underwriters will not honor a fire policy if a fire can be proven to have been started by the use of this power cord due to its failure.

It has not been tested to the criteria of the UL abrasion test, so do not walk on it or use it anywhere there is the risk of abrasion. It has not been tested to the criteria of the UL pinch test, so keep it away from sharp objects. It will not stand up to the UL crush test, so do not place your power amplifier or anything heavy on it. It will not stand up to the UL flex test, so do not let your kids use it as a jump rope when there is high-voltage flowing through it.

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