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Genesis Quartet
Features & Details


This separation allows the mid/high frequency panels to be placed to optimize soundstage and imaging for the listening position, and the bass towers to be placed for smooth and extended bass response within the room. The separate bass towers can be correctly placed within the room without affecting the soundstage and image at the listening position. With a column of bass drivers extending almost the height of the room, there are no standing waves between the floor and ceiling. This results in tightly-controlled, extended, smooth, and dynamic bass response in any room.

The high frequency wings are dipole line-sources. That means that there is minimal vertical dispersion, and horizontal cancellation in the plane of the drivers. The result is minimal floor and ceiling “bounce” and very much reduced side-wall reflections, resulting in solidly pin-point imaging, and a wide and spacious soundstage. The vertical spectral content of music is virtually the same throughout the length of the line source. Hence, the seating height does not matter with this speaker; unlike point source speakers where it is important for the ears to be aligned in relationship with the tweeter. The change in loudness is also much less over a small change in distance. Thusly, the listening “sweet spot” is also hugely extended, which means no more listening alone, and no more having to sit in only one position to best enjoy your music.


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Features & Details

Technical Specifications

Owner’s Manual (PDF 994KB)

Brochure (PDF 466KB)


The Genesis Quartet features its own new Genesis designed Servo-Controlled Bass Amplifiers for the woofer towers. This means that there is no need to have to choose between using a muscle-bound amplifier with enough power to drive the woofers and a lower-powered amplifier having better harmonic, tonal and spatial characteristics. Taking advantage of the improved Servo-Bass Cable, the sensitivity and speed of the servo feedback control was increased. Servo-control results in extended bass response down to 16Hz, and vanishing low distortion throughout the range. New Class D modules with zero propagation delay and higher current capability are used.

The external servo-controlled bass amplifier for the Quartet is a monoblock design with two control modules and two amplifier modules plus two power supply modules, one for each stack. Each stack sits on a Genesis acoustic suspension system, ensuring optimal performance of the amplification. Dedicated cables are provided for all bass connection. This results in great flexibility in placement and connection. Upgrade options are also available for the amplifier to extend dynamic response and headroom, as well as longer cables for even more flexibility in placement.


The Genesis Quartet provides the dedicated audiophile with ample means to adjust the sonic presentation: a tweeter pot tailors the high frequencies for different room environments; and in the servo-controlled bass amplifier, gain, low-pass filter, high-pass filter and phase adjustments affords ability to adjust the bass to match the listening room. A unique midrange switch allows for adjustment of soundstage height for personal preference. Some of us prefer the orchestra seats in a concert hall, others prefer the circle seats: the Genesis Quartet allows you to pick your favorite.

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